Wellness as a Service World Summit.™ Mountain View, CA, USA • NOV 08-09, 2018

Mountain View, CA, USA • Nov 08-09, 2018

Wellness as a Service

World Summit 2018

Join startups and visionaries across devices, apps, mobile, biology, health and wellness.

Health and wellness is transforming into a data science. Control is passing to the consumer. Paradigms are shifting. Scientific breakthroughs are on the brink.

What Is This?

The global gathering for pioneers of the emerging Wellness-as-a-Service (WaaS) industry, now in its second year. It hosts highly-curated talks in fast-fire single-track format guided by an annual theme. This year’s theme is ‘The Human is the Next Platform’. It will help each other learn, innovate and profit – all whilst seeking to make a difference.

Why Should I Attend?

To network with the most influential people, identify uncontested spaces for innovation, start to stake your claim in the emerging value chain, develop key partnerships and support a new positive realm of human endeavor. We envisage an imminent leap in market need and size that is comparable to the arrival of the PC or smartphone.

Who Should Attend?

All those who wish to know about an emerging multi-trillion industry. Those concerned with future of mobile and wearables. Those at the vanguard of healthcare, medicine, genomics, fitness, and wellness. Those in supporting areas e.g. AI, IoT, BigData, MEMs, bioinformatics. Executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, physicians, scientists, strategists and engineers.

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Bio is the new digital.

Fall 2016 Summit Speakers

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Network with and learn from 300+ pioneers this fall.

The Venue

The audience size will be capped at 325. This is to preserve the delicate balance between breadth, networking and intimacy; allowing deeper engagement and more meaningful social networking opportunities.

It will be single track for maximum impact and outcome focused conversation.

Computer History Museum

Hahn Auditorium

1401 N Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043

The Three Pillars of Wellness as a Service

Human-computer integration

Computing has been moving from room size, to desktop, to pocket and now onto us. Within a decade the majority of us will be perpetually adorned and physically proximal to, “intimate” body, mind and lifestyle sensors – from clinical grade biosensors to emotion detection circuitry.

decentralization of healthcare

Healthcare has not been hit by the smartphone and the Internet, but it is starting. As it does, a more decentralized architecture will emerge, shifting power to the edges (consumer), accelerating innovation and spurring science. Misaligned incentives, opaque pricing etc. will correct.

new health paradigms

Rather than passive and reactive it is predictive and preventative. Rather than sickness and injury focused it optimizes existent health and wellness. Rather than narrowed to the biomedical model it is integrative of our genetics, psychology, environment and lifestyle choices.

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